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Best cover songs, better than the original?

Posted on 15 September, 2014 by | 56 views

Many start-up and established musicians have Cover Songs in their repertoire. Some claim the cover is sometimes better than the original.

I'll  give you a sample of some of the best Cover Songs. Despite great original versions, some claim the cover songs works better than the original.

Just in case your are interested, today the term cover song describes a re-recording or performance of a song title previously recorded by another artist or musician. Usually someone made the song a hit. By using the popular title the artist can gain a bit of authority as the title is already known and most of the time already has an established audience who  loves the song.

The Terminology "Cover Song" actually goes back to the darker days of racism. In the bad old days, radio stations had been segregated into  black radio stations and white radios stations. As it happened, black artists produced good songs, however, they  could not be  played on "white" radio stations, therefore the white fans would write to labels and producers to re-produce the song with a  white artist, thus Cover the song.

Aren’t you glad those times are over, and that today only your skills count and not the colour of your skin?

Now the Songs and their best cover songs:

Higher Ground, by Stevie Wonder - Cover Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Jolene, by Dolly Parton, -Cover The White Stripes

California Sun, by Joe Jones - Cover The Ramons

Spanish Eyes, by Al Martino - Cover Rudy Giovannini

Luana, by Flippers - Cover Luis Berger

Hurt, by Nine Inch Nails - Cover Jonny Cash

Liebeskummer Lohnt sich nicht, by Siw Malmquist - Cover Barbara Schiller

Goodbye comes hard for me, by Merle Haggard, Cover Rod Wiliams

I Fought the Law, by the Bobby Fuller Four, Cover The Clash

Nothing Compares to you, Sinéad O'Connor - Cover Mandy Euler

These  are just 10 versions of the Best Cover Songs available.  There are many more of course. I'd  love to read your opinion, why not let me know or comment on your favourite Best Cover Songs.

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