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How to perform a Cover Song

Posted on 19 September, 2014 by | 15 views

As a musician you will most likely play or record some cover songs.The most significant thing you're able to do is make it your own personal unique version of the song. If you want to do a Johnny Cash cover, for example, a very important thing you can do is entirely re-work the song and do a thoroughly unique variation. You are going to certainly need to make it unique as "I walk the Line" is one of Johnny Cash's most well-loved songs. One thing you could do is, do the song with just acoustic guitar and vocals or simply piano and vocals. The song will likely then sound simple and stripped down, which will make for a fantastic cover. You want your cover song to sound special, but you likewise want listeners to understand what the song should be. The song will still be identifiable if you keep the same basic vocal melody and lyrics. Now that I have given you some ideas how to effectively perform a Johnny Cash cover song or a "I walk the Line" cover particularly and still make it sound original. Remember that playing songs is about having a great time so be sure that whatever song you determine to cover, it will be something that is enjoyable to you.

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