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All About Lyrics

Posted on 23 November, 2014 by | 14 views

There are a lot of songs that we listen to nowadays. Some are happy while some are emotional. However, a song will never be meaningful without the words, its lyrics. This is considered as the backbone of a song, and where all the sense of the song comes from.

Lyrics are the words that make up a song. These are usually divided into verses and choruses. Words that are intended to be used for Opera musical compositions are called libretto. This gives the song its meaning. Yes, the music itself would make the song happy or sad, but it is the words that tell the story.
Tracing its origins, it comes from a Greek word “lyrikos” which means lyre in adjective form since the Greek poetry is sung with a lyre accompaniment.
The lyrics of a song are usually divided into different parts; these are the verse, chorus, and the bridge. The verse is the poetic stanza of a song. It sometimes appears in a song three to four times, most often twice at the beginning. They are written with the same tune, but with different words. They usually tell the story details of the song. It supports the chorus musically and lyrically.

The second part is the chorus. It tells the main idea or the theme of the song, lyrically and musically. You will notice that this part is always repeated throughout the song and rarely changes words or music. It usually comes after the verses. The third part is the bridge. This section is considered to be the contrast of the verse. It is inserted in a song to break its repetitive pattern by putting a dominant lyrical transition.

One way of seeing lyrics is by looking at it as poem written for music. By merely making a poem, you can actually turn them into song words since poems also have rhyming and descriptive elements. It can also be a narrative or could mean anything by self-interpretation. You can write your songs in a way that they tell a story, set an emotion, or convey an important message.

Aside from telling a story, it can also be used for other purposes. There are songs that contain words that are considered to be social commentaries. They may come as social, political, and economical messages. They can be expressed explicitly or through symbolism.

When writing a song, there are a many things that you need to consider to make your lyrics shine. Here are some of them.


  • It should be well structured. The words will never be interesting if they are not well organized. It should contain the basics like the verses, the chorus and the word rhyming elements.
  • Make your words simple. As much as possible, do not use word shortcuts as this will be irritating for people who will read the words of your song. Also, avoid word misspellings.
  • Make them powerful. One way to connect with your listeners is to make the words relatable to them. Make sure to use words that your listeners can easily understand.
  • •Write them from the heart. Since the words will tell the story, it is important that you write each lyric with love and passion. This will give you an easier time conveying your message to the people who will read or listen to it.

Writing song lyrics is easy if you know how to collect ideas and thoughts and organize them in a way that it will inspire you and others. Use your words and turn them into a song to tell a story, send a message, and make a change.

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