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Writing Meaningful Lyrics

Posted on 24 November, 2014 by | 11 views

Lyrics are the best way to express your feelings. You can talk about anything like relationships, triumphs, sorrow, and many more. When feelings are your inspiration, a song becomes meaningful and full of emotions. Here are some ways on how to write meaningful lyrics.

1.    Find your object of focus.
Writing words for a song needs a topic to focus on. It could be an emotion of yours, an experience, or a person. A subject will make a song stand out.

2.    Create a story.
Once you have decided about your topic, construct a narrative relating to it. Make sure that you write in sequence to keep the story flow organized. A story in a song will be interesting for listeners and will keep them hooked up with it.

3.    Choose appropriate words.
Careful usage of words is very important. You don’t use words just because you like them in your lyrics. You can browse a dictionary or book to help you find appropriate words and phrases that suit your composition. Choose the words wisely, without sacrificing the rhyming element. Always choose simpler words as they are better and easy to listen to.

4.    If possible, use a rhyming dictionary.
If you are new to the art, there is nothing wrong with using a rhyming dictionary. Make this as your guide to keep your composition from being over-rhymed.

5.    Don’t waste words.
This simply means that you should avoid using repetitive words. Cross out words that occur many times within the composition. In this way, listeners will not be bored with it since they hear different selections of words.

6.    Always check for grammar lapses.
Always watch your tenses. Check if your sentences are well-structured, and see to it that every pronoun, adverb, and adjective used are connected with each other. Always give an extra effort in correcting grammar mistakes to make your lyrics sound professional.

7.    Write words that are also beyond your feelings.
If you can’t relate with your emotions, you can base your words with what’s around you. You can write based on political issues, other people’s feeling, and more.

8.    Revise your words as you go along.
If you feel that there is something wrong with your composition, don’t just throw it away. Instead, just start over since you can still use some of the ideas you have with your first draft.

9.    Keep your main idea in the chorus.
Make sure that you write your words in a way that your audience will have that feeling that they should hear the chorus to get the story. Through this, you create an exciting feeling for your listeners. However, be mindful that you should not reveal the main idea by writing it literally. Learn to use metaphors to make your listeners imagine the scenario.
Another good tip is to start writing the words for your chorus first to set the idea of the whole composition.

10.    Write your lyrics from within.
Even if your composition is not based on your own feelings, it will still be meaningful if you put a piece of yourself into it. In this way, your song will be full of emotions and that will make your listeners want to hear the song over and over again.

11.    Let others interpret your composition.
Look for people who can give their own interpretations of your song. Once they interpreted it the way you do, then you have done a good job.
This quick guide will help you to write meaningful lyrics that everyone can relate to. So, grab your notebook and pen and start creating your own composition today.

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