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Posted on 4 June, 2014 by
Listening to music is a great hobby for so many reasons. When you feel sad, just listen to an upbeat song to uplift your mood in an instant. Listening to your favorite songs can do a lot of wonders to your mood.You do not need to invest in expensive gadgets to be able to enjoy listening to music. In fact, you can just join a networking website like the FRC All Music website to listen to some great new music created by independent musicians. Just sign up to create an account and enjoy all the basic features of the website.Registering in this All Music website offers a lot of benefits to a music fan like you. Check out some of the reasons why you should create an account.Listen to cool songsOne of the major reasons why fans create an FRC account is for them to listen to some great songs by indie artists. These days, it is difficult to find a really great song in the radio. You always hear the same pop songs day in and day out. With this music website, you can find some really cool tunes that do not get the attention that they deserve just because the artist does not have the mean to produce the song professionally or to market their album on a large scale basis. You can find really talented artists in this website who create songs that are even better that what you always hear on the radio.Interact with musiciansRegistering to this website is also a great way to interact with different independent musicians. If you want to meet the independent band or singer who sang the song that you heard from your friend's music collection, you can always check them out in the All Music website. It is a great way to meet your favorite indie artists and tell them how their songs make you feel and changed your life.Do not use the website as a way to bash indie artists just because you do not like them. Remember that this website is created to bring together different people in the music industry, not to make them compete against or antagonize each other.Purchase albums and merchandiseIf you want to show your support to indie artists or to your favorite musicians aside from listening to their music, you can purchase their albums or merchandise that are available online. The website is also a platform for musicians to sell their albums and products like t-shirts, caps, car accessories, and so on. They do this to support their musical pursuits financially and also as a way to market their music to the people.Learn how to make great musicAnother great reason why you should become a member of this website is for you to learn how to make great music. Artists can upload video tutorials on how to play a particular instrument or how to create beats that can help other users to improve their art or learn a new musical skill.
Posted on 4 June, 2014 by
If you are an indie musician and are looking for a way to share your music to the world, you should consider creating an FRC All Music website. This website was started by a songwriter who is passionate about his craft and wanted other songwriters and artists to have a platform for networking in the music industry.The website is starting to gain popularity not only among musicians but also among producers, labels, and fans. In fact, it has a high ranking in the Google page rank and has received high ratings and positive feedbacks from users.You can create your own account and experience all the benefits of this music networking platform by visiting their website. You only need to provide your username, password, and email address. You should also come up with a desired display name, preferable your screen name or band name, if you are a musician.Once you are signed up, you can now access the basic features for free. You can try their subscriptions such as starting your own online shop but you have to pay a small amount. When using the website, you should consider the following tips below.Familiarize yourself with the different sectionsThe website has different sections such as store, music, news, events, directory, photo, and so on. You need to get acquainted with these sections for you to be able to maximize its features. For example, if you are a music fan and want to purchase merchandise from your favorite indie artist, you can check out their online store which you can search for in the store section.If you want to read news about anything related to music, you can go to the news section. Browsing through these tabs makes navigating the website easier and less troublesome because everything is in their proper places.Browse through different music genresThe website also features a list of categories that include all types of music genres. There are the usual genres like pop, classical, rock, punk, rock and roll, alternative, jazz, acoustic, and blues. There are also the weird categories like Christian gangsta rap, past fusion, tribal music, and other uncommon genres that you have probably never even heard of even if you are a big music enthusiast yourself. If you want to listen to rock music, you can just click rock so that songs that belong to other genres are filtered out. Again, this feature saves you time since you do not need to browse through the thousands of songs that are probably uploaded in the website.Interact with friends and other usersThe website allows you to interact with friends and other users through chat or comments. You can also collaborate with other artists to create new songs and music. It is also easier for fans to interact with their favorite musicians. Artists can also network with producers and record labels if they want to have their songs produced and marketed to the general public. The website serves as a place where artists, producers, labels, and fans can interact with one another freely with only one thing in common-their love for music.
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Today, there are so many different social networking sites that people can use to share anything-from photos and videos to ideas and blogs. The internet becomes a place for sharing different types of information that different people can benefit from. If you are into music, you should consider checking out FRC All Music.This All Music website was created by a songwriter. He wanted to have an online place where music enthusiasts can come together and share their passion for music.Below are some of benefits that you can get from creating an account from this music network site.To the musiciansMusicians who do not have budget to produce and sell music to the general public can take advantage of this great networking site for musicians. The website is in fact intended for musicians who want to meet producers and labels and also fans. This may just be their chance to get their much awaited big break and sign a deal with a major label record or producer. This is also a great way for them to share their music to their fans and friends. You can also sell your merchandise and music using the website by subscribing to an online shop.To the producers and record labelsProducers and record labels who want to discover new talents who sound fresh and different should definitely check out this website. Here, you can meet independent artists who are very talented but do not have the right means to produce music professionally. You will be amazed at the number of undiscovered talented artists who are striving to showcase their craft to the world.To the fansPeople who love to listen to indie music can also create an account for free. Once they create an account, they can listen to songs and watch videos uploaded by different indie artists in different parts of the world. From pop and classical to rock and punk, FRC has it all. This is a great way for fans to interact with artists and other fans. They can also purchase albums and merchandise from their favorite artists. Bar owners can also create an account if they are looking for bands or singers who can play in their bars.Signing up is freeIt has been mentioned previously that signing up for this website is free. When you sign up, you will have access to all the basic features of the website. This website became so popular and has even ranked very high in Google page rank, maybe because everyone can join. You may need to pay if you want to put up an internet shop but the fee is still low compared to maintaining an offline music store.Final thoughtsSigning up in this website surely offers a lot of benefits for the musicians, producers and record labels, and fans. It is a great website for people who love music because they can share their passions to other members. You should check out their website if you want to experience these benefits.
Posted on 4 June, 2014 by
Whether you are a musician, a fan, or a producer, you should consider visiting the FRC All Music website where you can share music, photos, videos, and ideas to friends, fans, artists, and other people who are into music one way or another. It is also a social networking site but the main focus is for people who love music.You can create an account for free to access the website's different features. If you want to have access to special features, like if you want to start your own online music shop, you need to get a subscription which you have to pay monthly. People who are sick and tired of hearing the same kind of music over and over again in different radio stations will definitely enjoy browsing through the different music written, composed, and produced by independent artists.If you want to learn more about FRC All Music, you can check out the following paragraphs.Free sign upThe good thing about signing up for this website is that you do not have to pay a single cent. It is free for everyone. This means that independent artists and producers who are probably struggling financially can share their music without paying anything. Music fans alike can listen to great songs by indie artists without spending a single cent. Access to basic features is free.Just go to the website and click 'sign up'. You will be brought to the page where you have to enter your preferred display name, your username, your email address, and your password. Be sure to tick the box that states that you have read and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy of the website.FeaturesOne great feature of this platform is that it allows you to communicate with your friends who can be fans, artists, labels, and producers. You can talk to them via chat or comments to listen to what they have to say. You can do this using any device as long as you are online.The website also allows you to share music, photos, and videos by uploading them in your profile. Aside from simply sharing, the website also allows you to collaborate with other artists and producers. The website can be a breeding ground of new songs, lyrics, and music.For artists who want to sell albums and merchandise, they can open a shop for very little price. This is a great way to reach your intended market since the users of the website are also music enthusiasts.The website also lets you arrange your gig schedules and you can also show it to the general public so that people who want to watch you play can go.ConclusionAll in all, FRC All Music is a great website for anyone who loves music-whether you are a fan, an artist, a producer, or a label. It is a great way for artists and producers to showcase their talents, for labels to find new singers and bands, and for fans to listen to great music.
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