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Posted on 19 September, 2014 by
As a musician you will most likely play or record some cover songs.The most significant thing you're able to do is make it your own personal unique version of the song. If you want to do a Johnny Cash cover, for example, a very important thing you can do is entirely re-work the song and do a thoroughly unique variation. You are going to certainly need to make it unique as "I walk the Line" is one of Johnny Cash's most well-loved songs. One thing you could do is, do the song with just acoustic guitar and vocals or simply piano and vocals. The song will likely then sound simple and stripped down, which will make for a fantastic cover. You want your cover song to sound special, but you likewise want listeners to understand what the song should be. The song will still be identifiable if you keep the same basic vocal melody and lyrics. Now that I have given you some ideas how to effectively perform a Johnny Cash cover song or a "I walk the Line" cover particularly and still make it sound original. Remember that playing songs is about having a great time so be sure that whatever song you determine to cover, it will be something that is enjoyable to you.
Posted on 12 August, 2014 by
BY FRCAllMusic Many online websites offer free music downloads. A few years ago, this was great for users. However, after a while, people started to take advantage of this. Pop ups appeared, illegal spy software, was introduced at many sites. When you download a music file (mp3) and you will find your browser has changed perhaps a your homepage has changed, most of the time to an add site with will come up each time you want to surf the net, or pop ups will appear offer you the latest porn sites. Most of the time it will require some skills to remove all those things. Was it worth saving 99cents on download costs and spending hours to bring your computer back to normal or worse pay someone to fix your computer?There are many legitimate websites were you can come download safely pay a few cents for the songs you like and you know your downloads are safe.When you're downloading for and Mp3 music file online, there are a few things you will want to look for:Firstly, you should look for download mp3 clips with are approx 128kbps, this is not as good as CD Quality, CD Quality is around 30kbps. However, usually 128kbps is a good medium between file size and quality. Secondly, make sure your internet speed is adequate, otherwise you may have to re-boot your computer a few times to achieve your best download speed, Typically at 3 kb/s it will take you around 10 minutes to download one song.Thirdly,  check you computer storage space before downloading your song. There's nothing more annoying than getting to 75 percent of the download only to find out that you didn't have enough room in your C: Drive. With any new computer this should not be a problem, but it's best to make sure before you start.When you are a member of FRC All Music you can listen to samples  or demo's of the songs before you decide to for download music. Once you have decided you like the mp3 song you can go ahead and buy the music either from the FRC All Music Artist Shop or from Amazon or any other music download site. Please make sure it is a legal download site as artist also need to eat and rely on income and cover the expenses to produce the song.All and all, downloading music is a great experience and FRC All Music offers you a great opportunity to learn about new bands that you'll want to go to the concert or buy the album later. Remember if you download a music clip from a pirate site your joy will be short-lived, remember the changed browser window that will tell you to visit a strange website every-time you surf the web.FRC All Music is a safe place were you can come inside and download music in a safe way, in a way you can trust.
Posted on 5 June, 2014 by
A music fan may like musicians and artists or bands that make their own labels. One probable reason for creating their own label is being told the artist's material is not marketable. He may be required to create music that communicates feelings and emotions that he does not feel comfortable with. Rather than compromise his musical style, he would much rather trod the indie path and make his own music. An indie artist as well as his music fan base are benefited when the musician makes his own label.Independent artists offer more distinctive musicIndependent musicians have the means to put across their strong feelings and exceptional talent unreservedly. They can convey their individual stories or go after personal instincts and not be obliged to comply with directions from record label executives when it comes to what they should create. From the view of music fans, by listening to various stations on the radio and other indie music sources, they are also at liberty to decide on their own which ones they like and not.Freebies for music fansA lot of typical distributors merely provide music from major record label companies and seldom do they provide freebies regardless of the number of albums a purchaser downloaded or CDs purchased. An indie musician can do what he wants. He can choose to be openhanded when it comes to his selling approaches. For fans and music aficionados, this indicates they will be given huge price cuts, coupons, or tokens for their purchases.Attend to costumers personallyAn indie artist has the choice to communicate directly with the fans or customers. Hence, selling through the internet does not have to make the artist feel isolated or not in contact with his followers. There are moments the excitement of getting an email or online message from the musician himself can make an independent label buyer become a dedicated music fan.Niche marketing and indie musicMarketing indie music is not so different from niche marketing when success is to be considered. Indie musicians have the freedom to make their distinctive niche and reach more valued following. As an person who purchases music from an indie record label it is less complicated to find the music that describes and expresses who you are.Personal acts of gratitudeWhen a customer chooses to purchase from independent labels, buyers and artists can both gain. For example, a music aficionado buys an album. The indie artist can personally convey a thank you message and the buyer can also message back. The artist can write about this in his blog site and the customer can appreciate the blog article and even provide a link for her friends to see and read about it. This is not possible with major record labels. In addition, indie music can be bought directly from the musician when retailers seem to dwindle. Artiste with strong niche and devoted fans can remain in the business untouched by the challenges in the retail business of the music industry.
Posted on 4 June, 2014 by
Social networks on the Internet are major platforms for artists like an indie musician. This is particularly true if the artist has not signed up with a record label. Artists and bands depend so much on the pages of their social networks to inform followers about what is happening with their music or album releases, shows, among others. It allows people from any part of the world to connect with the artist or band and they also get to hear the artists' music being played.Be competitiveAs an indie musician, grab the opportunity because other artists are continuously being discovered. These emerging personalities and groups can also help in the exposure of your type of music and performance. A lot of other artists are aware there are numerous up-and-coming musicians in the field of social media. This arena totally supports their talents and allows them to be shared.In a social network site, a record label may introduce a group or artist to present new talent. This offers the new artists an opportunity to secure a chance to perform in shows by winning in a competition egged on by fans in a social networking website. When an artist or group wins a slot, they will definitely consider that it was social media which helped them land an opportunity to perform at a major event. They believe this can give them huge exposure.Observe the movements in the music sceneSocial media changes fast; hence, an artist's strategies should also be innovative and constantly updated. An indie musician may only desire to make and play music, but this artist needs more than mere talent to succeed in this business. It is not necessary that a person becomes a business magnate, but he may need some business sense. He should be observant enough with regard to the updates in both the social media and the music industry.Tips on how to successfully penetrate the music industryInvestigate the sites you prefer to use that fit your style of music, type of followers, and your objectives as an indie musician.Create your page on the current most popular networking sites to share your music and videos. think of other places that will be most appealing to your followers and admirers.Write article blogs, upload videos, and share unique content or personal information with the people who like your page to keep them updated and involved in your music.Watch out for competitions that can also give you exposure and increase your popularity.People who like artists and music are also fond of competitions. You can promote your own competition and offer signed albums or photos as prizes.Prevent yourself from being too confident if fans are increasing and your music is getting good reviews. This should only make you continue your posts and efforts to engage your following.Content is very important. Artists and bands are not expected to launch new materials immediately or often. However, your fan base may need to know that you are also constantly connected by sharing posts or links and getting involved in some conversations with them. It has been found that interactions even only through shout outs and newsfeed, can engage fans.Develop connections with other new musicians. Recommend their music to your followers so they can also promote yours.
Posted on 4 June, 2014 by
These days, artists do not rely on traditional approaches to at least have a record contract for their music. Technology has been closely intertwined with the music industry. Bands these days create albums that make use of the users' mobile phone GPS to track proximity towards numerous tagged zones all through various landmarks. The program vigorously tweaks the rhythm, instrumentation, melody, and tempo of the song as the mobile user goes near these zones. This is what bands call location aware based albums. Part of this technology is social media which may be utilized to get spotted and land a record deal in the music business.Determine appropriate social networking sitesYears ago, MySpace became very popular for both well-known as well as new artists. This site has helped to further the careers of successful artists and considerably increased the sales of popular artists' albums. Two years ago, the users of the site had dropped and other more popular social networking sites emerged. Unfortunately, this site has turned up to be not the most suitable tool for new artists these days who want to make it in the music industry. However, since the site has remained active and still with millions of followers, it may also help in the current artists' careers to create profiles accessible to fans through it. Even the most famous celebrities today who sell their music to global consumers have created profiles in various social networking sites.Mutual benefits between the artist and fansIt is totally clear nowadays that artists typically choose Facebook as the best venue to show and promote their materials. Apparently, everyone has realized the importance of accessibility. In addition, these types of sites make them closer to their followers and admirers. They are able to engage in mutually beneficial interactivities. In today's music industry, it is not acceptable to disregard fans. They can either make you or break you.Popularity is of utmost importanceDepending on the category of music composition, there are specialized sites that are fitting to the image of a group. Nevertheless, Faceboook is still considered the most mainstream because counting numbers of track listeners and video viewers remains significant for artists and music companies. These numbers are equated to a song or an artist's popularity.Making an online presenceSince Facebook has been among the most populated social networking site on the Internet, it has created apps for its site that provide particular services. In order to maximize the usability and functions of one's profile on this site, most popular artists make use of the site's apps to advance their music careers in the business. Apps like these are usually free of charge; however, to be more usable, better versions of the applications are offered with monthly charges at reasonable rates. Aside from the typical data users upload, artists with paid up apps can also add in their lists of gigs, ticket concerts, and their tracks. Other people have the option to listen to the tracks and then purchase them. These apps also allow users to include their YouTube videos and Twitter feeds. This allows the fans to remain in just one site and get all they need without needing to hop from one venue to another.
Posted on 17 April, 2014 by
By FRCAllMusic Promoting уоur music іѕ necessary tо create уоur own identity. Evеrуthіng іѕ being marketed thеѕе days, right frоm аn oral-B toothbrush tо а Boeing aircraft, nothing саn bе sold іn thіѕ business minded world unlеѕѕ уоu promote іt іn thе right way. If уоu thought thаt music саnnоt bе promoted, аѕ іt іѕ аn art, а talent whісh needs just appreciation - уоu аrе wrong! Open уоur eyes аnd look аt thе big bad world оf business whеrе еvеrуthіng starts аnd ends wіth thе cash flow! If уоu аrе related tо thе music business, уоu muѕt understand thе basic concept thаt уоur music іѕ thе product аnd thе listeners аrе уоur еnd users. It іѕ іn уоur hands, whеthеr tо convert thоѕе listeners into уоur fans оr lеt thеm search fоr ѕоmеоnе еlѕе's music compositions. Aѕ а budding indie оr а songwriter, composer, оr а musician, уоu might get а record deal fоr уоur songs, but thаt іѕn't еnоugh fоr achieving success! Thе bridge bеtwееn thе еnd users аnd уоur product саn оnlу bе filled whеn уоu turn уоur listeners into уоur fans, аnd thеу love аnd relate tо thе music уоu make. 10 Ways tо Promote Your Music If уоu аrе thinking whеrе tо begin, іt саn bе ideally уоur own city оr hometown, whеrе уоu have pre-established contacts, аnd аlѕо people уоu have known fоr а long time. Do nоt jump into promoting уоur music wіthоut а plan. Planning іѕ thе first step fоr promoting аnуthіng. Your image іѕ уоur version оf а better уоu! Evеr heard оf "brand label" іn thе field оf marketing? Well, thаt іѕ ехасtlу whаt уоu need іn thе second step! Your image іѕ like food tо уоur music. Tо promote уоur music уоu need tо have а good promotional package. Your talent ѕhоuld come іn а package оf band name/artist name, performance, style аnd look, аnd уоur range оf merchandise tоо! Sо try tо bе innovate аnd create уоur own style! Burn ѕоmе CDs аnd DVDs оf уоur recordings аnd hand оut thоѕе tо local pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, coffee shops аnd hotels, аnd even іn educational institutions. Thіѕ wіll сеrtаіnlу help уоu іn getting live performance offers. Do nоt forget tо add уоur band name/artist name аnd contact information оn thе CD/DVD. Remember, уоur name іѕ more important thаn thе name оf уоur work. I strongly recommend оn getting уоur CD/DVD copyrighted. Marketing уоur music оn social networking sites іѕ thе best way tо promote уоur music online. But уоu ѕhоuld now understand thаt thе Internet іѕ global. It wіll have promotional messages оf artists frоm аll оvеr thе world. Whаt уоu need іѕ ех cogitation, tо stand оut frоm thе crowd оf more thаn а zillion! Reckon оut оf thе box. Upload videos оf уоur live performances, recordings аnd gigs оn websites thаt support video uploads. Iѕ thаt ѕоmеthіng уоu have seen happening wіth hundred оthеr local bands? Well, аѕ I said, think оut оf thе box - upload уоur bеhіnd-thе-scene-videos оr making-thе-song videos ѕо thаt thе listeners саn relate tо уоur music аnd have fun whіlе watching уоur music videos! Create уоur own website. Buying уоur band/artist name URL wіll fetch уоu great Internet traffic аnd page clicks! Yоu саn аlѕо create уоur own web page оn аnу оf thе social networking websites. If уоu create аnу оf thеѕе, make sure іt іѕ easy tо navigate аnd uploads quickly оn аnу Internet browser. Have уоur own support group consisting оf friends, relatives аnd family members. If уоu аrе оn thе Internet, thе whоlе wide world іѕ watching уоu. And thаt wonder called Internet, survives оn page links, creative content аnd keywords. Sо, keep posting links tо уоur videos, website аnd web pages оn online music directories, music blogs, music forums, music magazine website аnd оthеr lifestyle аnd dating websites whеrе Internet traffic іѕ high. Send thе album music reviews, press releases, photos оf live performances along wіth ѕоmе content tо thе local newspapers аnd music аnd lifestyle magazines. Getting feedback іѕ like refueling! Whеn уоu upload а video оn thе Internet, make sure уоu keep а feedback box right bеlоw thе video. Make sure уоu keep "Email ID" аnd "Area/City" fields mandatory fоr аll thе readers. Thіѕ wіll create а database оf email ids аnd addresses оf people whо liked оr disliked уоur music. Once уоu get thеѕе email ids, уоu саn forward each one оf thеm уоur new videos wіth а personal message аnd keep thеm updated wіth whаt music уоu have bееn making. Personalization helps іn selling аnуthіng! But do nоt spam mail. Today thеrе аrе many indie radio webcasts available thаt саn get уоu live оn radio! It іѕ а simpler alternative tо а live performance. Bеѕіdеѕ thіѕ, professional pictures аrе аlѕо important. Hire а photographer, choose а cool location аnd click ѕоmе professional pictures оf уоur band along wіth уоur band merchandise аnd logo. Whеn уоu post thеѕе pictures оn уоur website, webpage оr blog, іt wіll create а buzz еvеrуwhеrе! Professional pictures аrе taken very ѕеrіоuѕlу іn thе music industry. Try tо understand уоur fans' likes аnd dislikes, thеіr tastes іn music, whеrе do thеу shop, thеіr hang оut place, whеrе do thеу live аnd ѕо оn. Having done thаt, practice, jam аnd play ѕоmе more. Try getting gigs іn few parts оf thе town оn а Friday night аnd оthеr few parts оf thе town оn а Saturday night. Try tо do mini-tours аrоund уоur town. Yоu might аlѕо get tо know thеіr addresses frоm thе feedback forms. Sо do nоt waste уоur time оn playing іn аn area whеrе уоu have no fans! Person-tо-person promotions work thе best іn thе field оf music аnd art. Meet new people аrоund town аnd tell thеm аbоut уоur music аnd band. Get people tо talk terms. But do nоt become аn open book. A little networking аnd meeting thе right people bу being down tо earth іѕ thе key tо long-term success. Yоu mау bе а gem оf а music artist but wіthоut promoting уоur music іn thе right way, уоur talent wіll lead уоu nоwhеrе.  
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