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All Music helps you to network with the music industry.


If you're in love with a band and want to communicate with other fans around the world, start a music fan club.

Promote your fan club to your friends and invite fellow fans to help run aspects of the fan club.

Decide whether or not you want to be an "authorized" or "informal" music fan club.

For example, if you wanted to start an official "authorized artist" fan club, you would need to contact your "favourite artist" and/or her representative and get permission to promote your fan club as such.

Once you have received the authorization, please let us know and we will upgrade your account to an authorized fanclub.

Promote your fan club to your friends and invite fellow fans to help run aspects of the fan club.

A FRC All Music Authorised Fan Club is run by someone associated with the Musician or Band that the club is centered around.

Please use only, if you are authorised to represent the musician or band.

As an Authorised Fanclub, if you have the rights/permission to the music that enables you to sell it, and have not already opted into restrictive distribution agreements via other aggregators, you can use the account to upload and publish that original music to sell it at the FRC All Music Site.

The artist or band must grant you specific legal rights authorizing you to represent their interests. Some countries require registration of agents and managers. In addition, you must have rights and permissions from the artist-copyright owner in order to upload the artist's content on their behalf (introduction, artist photo, original music, artwork, etc.). Please make sure that you have all the appropriate rights and authority that you need before proceeding.

You may wish to review relevant portions of our policies.
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