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Viva Strauss

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Viva Strauss

Viva Strauss

Rudy Giovannini , born on November 18, 1974 in Bolzano, is a South Tyrolean (Italian) tenor and singer of German folk music. He completed his classical voice training at the conservatories of Bolzano and Verona, and with Maestro Arrigo Pola in Modena, who also taught Luciano Pavarotti.

Giovannini first came to the attention of people in 2000 when he came third in the Grand Prix of Folk music singing “Amore, amore ”. He would repeat this in 2002 with “Donna della Raspa”. But he topped this in 2006 when he won the Grand Prix of Folk music, in the company of Belsy and the Coro Monti Pallidi in Munich singing “Salve Regina”. It was the fourth victory of Südtitrols or the third victory in a row at the Grand Prix of folk music.

Giovannini has since moved to Laives, just a few kilometres from Bolzano in Italy. Here the “Caruso of the mountains” draws the power for his numerous appearances in the whole German-speaking area plus Belgium and the Netherlands.

Passionate about music

Since his childhood, Rudy Giovannini has been passionate about music and got his first stage experience in the church choir, and later in a Jugendband until he was invited by friends to the Opera one day. This proved a very influential event, as Rudy was so excited by the performance that he also wanted to become an opera singer. So he attended the conservatories of Bolzano, Verona and Modena training as a classical singer with Maestro Arrigo Pola.

Luciano Pavarotti – who was a family friend – once told the Italian singer, “There is no first or second class music, there is only beautiful or bad music. What you want to do is beautiful music.” This eliminated Rudy Giovannini’s last doubts about venturing into the transition from classical to popular music. His CDs feature hits, folk music, Italian folk or classical music songs that make very high demands on his voice.

Köfelefest festival and prizes

In his home town of Laives this success had to be celebrated course, which led to the first “Rudy Giovannini Köfelefest”, which has become a regular event for his many fans. He would receive many more awards: in 2004 the Herbert Roth prize as the most successful tenor of “South Tyrol’s most popular singer” the “Meraner rose gold”, 2005 Folk music and several times he “Achims hit parade” (MDR) was named the King of musicians. In July 2006 he even set a record here: 72% of the votes were for his interpretation of “La Montanara”, a record which will never be broken as the show was unfortunately discontinued.

Just like the first time in 2007, the South Tyrol “mountain echo” was awarded to Rudy Giovannini. At his Köfelefest 2008 he sold 15,000 copies of “Salve Regina”, a gold record in Austria. His reputation went as far as the Vatican, as he was asked to sing at the Christmas audience for Pope John Paul II and in 2006 for his successor Pope Benedict XVI. Rudy dedicated the “Benedictus Yodel”, which he sang with Anneliese Breitenberger on his Christmas CD, to the pope.

2008 revealed a new facet to Rudy Giovannini when the South Tyrolean moderator at the Grand Prix of the Folk music had to cancel for health reasons. Very quickly, Rudy and Angelina jumped in to save the event. For the first time that year, the Grand Prix could be followed on the radio and worldwide via the Internet.

A whole new side to his career opened in 2012, when Rudy was approached by Belgium’s Marc Cortens with a novel idea that combines his love of classical and popular music in a unique way, “ Viva Strauss ”. With the Strato-Vani Orchestra he recorded the most famous Strauss melodies as songs, with lyrics by Michael Leahy in English, adapted into German with the help of Evelin Vordermeier, Marion Schimmelpfennig and Nils Bräm.

Die Speed Date Polka

Eine Rose fuer Dich

Ich Gruess die Welt

Wie fuehlt sich die Liebe an

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Rudy Giovannini
About Rudy Giovannini

"Ich bin ein Mensch, der das Glück hat, mit seiner Stimme andere Menschen glücklich machen zu können und das ist fantastisch!" www.rudy-giovannini.de

Einmal gehört – für immer verführt

Rudy Giovannini betritt mit einem flotten Lied auf den Lippen die Bühne und schon nach wenigen Tönen hat er das Publikum für sich erobert. Er braucht dazu keine großen Showeffekte, ihm reichen dafür die Musik und seine besondere Ausstrahlung. Hier ist endlich einmal ein moderner Tenor, der nicht „knödelt“, sondern mit seiner klaren, ausdrucksvollen Stimme uns jedes einzelne Wort verstehen läßt, als würde er singend zu uns sprechen!
Aber der „Caruso der Berge“ ist nicht nur ein fantastischer Sänger, sondern vor allem ein hervorragender Live-Künstler.
Sanfte Balladen singt er so einfühlsam, dass so manchem Besucher Tränen der Rührung in die Augen steigen, genauso versteht er es aber auch, die Hallen mit Stimmungsliedern zum Beben zu bringen. Zudem würzt er seine Moderationen mit viel Humor und verlässt auch immer wieder die Bühne, läuft singend und scherzend durch die Reihen und findet immer wieder Möglichkeiten, das Publikum ins Geschehen mit einzubeziehen. Langeweile hat bei Rudy Giovanninis Auftritten keine Chance.


Meine neueste CD Balsam Fuer die Seele

“I am a person who is fortunate enough to make people happy with my voice”

Once you have heard him – you will be captivated forever.

Rudy Giovannini enters the stage with a jaunty song on his lips and after only a few notes he has captivated his audience. He doesn’t need to rely on special effects during his concerts, his music and his charisma are enough, for him to be considered a great musician.

Here is finally a modern tenor that does not mumble but with his clear, expressive voice, allows us to hear every word distinctly. Our "Caruso of the Mountains' however, is not only an amazing singer, he is also a fantastic live entertainer.
He sings warmhearted ballads so passionately that many a fan sheds a tear or two but he also manages to turn any atmosphere into a roaring, effervescent event. His performances are spiced with humour , he leaves the stage to connect and mingle with the crowd and involves them while he parades down the aisles, constantly finding new ways, making sure the audience are a part of the performance. Boredom will have no chance when you attend a Rudy Giovannini concert.

Luciano Pavarotti
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