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Hallowed Ground (original song)

Hallowed Ground ~ Original ballad
Copyright © 2012 Jackie Johnson All Rights Reserved

Born and raised on Hallowed Ground, just out past the edge of town
In the caretakers cottage upon Chapel Hill
Daddy kept the old church grounds and while he rode that mower round and round
I played among the marble stones and the whipporwills

Now my old man he drank real bad, life had left him oh so sad
When Momma died the night that I was born
He brought me up as best he could, but I turned out to be no good
Got caught up in the middle of a storm

Left town just ahead of the law, crossed the line into Arkansas
Running them backroads from town to town
It's a reckless road that ain't got no end, all uphill and against the wind
Since I turned my back on Hallowed Ground

I wandered like a wayward wind, followed the river around the bend
Like a banished gypsy king without a crown
Saw a falling star streak across the sky, flashing bright just before it died
Pointing my back to Hallowed Ground

Then I fell in with a gospel band, singing songs about the Promised Land
And how that Glory Road is Heaven bound
Now this old world turns like a merry-go-round, life's a Ferris wheel that goes up and down
I'm working my way back to Hallowed Ground
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