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Somewhere in September (Original song)

Somewhere in September (The Vigil)
jackie johnson Copyright © 1972 All Rights Reserved
"Putting the cowboy back in country"

Twilight on the prairie, shadows long and scary
But the sand gets cool when the evening sun goes down
With one last look he turns his back and makes his way to his lonely shack
That stands beside the road that leads to town

Where did she go? No one really knows
But it was Somewhere in Seprtember
And the old man still remembers
The way the light glowed golden in her hair

Another day has come and gone,
Still the old man carries on his vigil of 40 years and more
She left one Thursday morning, when the day was newly dawning
To buy a bright red ribbon at the store

Starlight filled the desert night and mingled with his hair of white
When the angels came and found him sleeping there
Now there's nothing but an empty shack
With no door to hold the desert back

Or stop the wind that rocks his empty chair
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