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'Tis So Sweet - Official Music Video

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Duration: 00:04:12
New Music Video to Braided Light's single: 'Tis so Sweet


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19/09/22 13:54:54 @evi:

Hi Jess (Braided Light). This is such a 'sweet' video and song and the scenery once again, like all your videos, is breathtaking. I loved how the video started in black and white and then turned into colour. I can appreciate why your brother is your favourite videographer, he is so professional and creative. I enjoyed watching and listening from beginning to end and I loved seeing you sketch those beautiful flowers. You truly are a lady with many talents. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece. 

Braided Light
25/09/22 02:44:26 @braided-light:

You are too kind, Evi!! :) ❤️ I take your lovely feedback to heart, and it inspires me to keep going. :) Thank you so much!! 🎶 I am so grateful for you and FRC. Love and Blessings from SoCal.

25/09/22 09:42:44 @evi:

Thank you for your kind response Jess. It's absolutely a delight to have such outstanding members as you, supporting FRC-All-Music. You are much appreciated.

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Braided Light
About Me Braided Light

“So I let go…and Trust." (Trust, Braided Light)

Braided Light, (indie artist Jessica Standage), is a Catholic inspirational singer/songwriter from SoCal. Since starting piano at age 3, her art has blossomed into a colorful Light, showering down upon her every surrounding. Her passion for music is evident in many ways: from a quiet pencil-in-hand, to a random burst into song. She believes music to be a vessel through which the Holy Spirit works, and healing thrives through inspiration. Jess enjoys accompanying herself on multiple instruments, including piano, banjo and guitar, and finds immense joy being self-produced in all her work. 

After years of classical training, earning her B.P.S. through Berklee College of Music (class of 2021), and drawing particular inspiration from Sarah Kroger and Andrew Peterson, her songwriting and production work digs below the surface, creeps into the cracks, and draws forth living light for listeners to hold onto. 

There is much beauty in this world, waiting to be discovered.

God’s innumerable graces are just waiting for us to ask for them – and by taking hold of them, we can weave them into something beautiful. We can Braid Light. 

“If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces… never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again." ~St. Bernadette Soubirous

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