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Breathtaking Symphony Dream

Breathtaking Symphony Dream

album : Breathtaking Symphony Dream

performing artist : Adeline Yeo

genre: Orchestral

song language: English
composer: Adeline Hwee Pin Yeo
lyricist: Not Applicable
label: Not Applicable
mastering by: Adeline Yeo (HP) Professional Home

arrangement by: Not Applicable
upload or release date: February, 2022
upload your song: mp3, 6.2MB, 00:02:42

Total Times Played: 12

upload your song: mp3, 6.2MB, 00:02:42

Song Rating:
Total Times Rated: 4 Average Rating: 4.75

Lyric Rating:
Total Times Rated: Average Rating:

Composition Rating:
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Hit Potential Rating:
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Story about the Song:

A young lady has a dream. She hoped to watch her well-known orchestral concert performance.


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Adeline Yeo
About Adeline Yeo

Adeline Yeo (HP) is an unsigned Indie Musician, based in Asia region, Singapore. With no prior musical knowledge and experience, she stumbled upon a new music program and she started her music compositions in her Indie music journey. As she keep practising her craft, her fingers became more nimble and soon she was able to produce beautiful melodies. She felt that misic brights ip her life and she hope to do it for others.

In 2021, she has been affiliated with BMI and SoundExchange as their writer in their performing rights organizations. In the same year, she has been selected and approved from Free Music Archive Tribe Of Noise and Jamendo in their  Creative Commons Music License music platforms as an artist and music producer.

Currently, she has released a few music singles abd EPs in popular online music stores included SpotifyMusic, AmazonMusic, YoutubeMusic, AppleMusic, DeezerMusic, Anghami and others.

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Adeline Yeo (HP) Indie Musician Music Productions

Adeline Yeo (HP) Indie Musician Music Productions

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Adeline Yeo (HP) Linktree Indie Musician

Adeline Yeo (HP) Indie Musician

Adeline Yeo (HP) Indie Musician

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