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    1. Instant personalised website
      • abillity to create tags and include meta data
    2. Create additional Profiles
      • have your own label or production company, or write / compose songs under a pseudonym?

      • Up to 2 additional profiles e.g.:

            • Songwriter / Lyricist
            • Composer
            • Label
            • Producer
            • Fanclub
        • Advantage: only one account login. Manage all of your profile option accounts from your default Artist Account
      • Media Storage Space
        • 1GB
      • Audio file size for uploads
        • 8MB
      • Audio file formats
        • mp3,aac,flac,wav,aif,m4a,ogg,wma, (all files will be converted to 128kbps mp3)
      • Max Number of Song upload
        • 25
      • All uploaded songs are included in the FRC All Music Song charts
        • no rigging of charts; our charts show real plays, for a song to count, it has to be played for a minimum amount of time.
        • no rigging of ratings, before a song can be rated, it has to be listened too.
      • Sell your songs direct
        •  no middleman, enter your paypal email and receive all proceeds (minus PayPal fees)
        • FRC All Music takes no commission
      • Image File Upload size
        • 2MB
      • Share to Social Media
      • Video file format
      • Embed you YouTube videos
      • Embed your soundcloud songs
      • Create you own blog
      • Create a picture gallery from your gigs
      • include your shows/gigs in the site wide events calendar
      • Invite your friends and fans
        • increase your follower count --> increased plays
      • Activity and trending system, more activity means more profile views and your artist profile will be on the front page

      Many more benefits once you have discovered all the benefits and have outgrown your account, upgrade to a Pro-Account (don't stress it will not break the bank, you may have one hamburger less per month :) )

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