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FRC All Music is a low-key music social networking platform designed to help musicians to collaborate and overcome geographic boundaries. FRC All Music allows musicians to make sessions public and solicit tracks and collaboration from other users with similar musical tastes. You can search for other users and invite them to a session, including Labels, Producers or Music Promotion Managers. You can also solicit help from influences, like Songwriters, Lyricists, Recording Engineers or Programmers.

Music Fans or Listeners will find new fresh artists and new albums Listeners can interact with Musicians and provide feedback and get first hand knowledge of new albums released. 

You will find FRC All Music is the place where the artists meets the fan and music industry. Artist can showcase their unique and new songs and get discovered. 

Membership to FRC All Music is open to anyone who is or wants to be within the entertainment industry. Membership includes music artists, bands, composers, songwriters, producers, labels, studios, fan-clubs and even venues. We have our own internet, radio stations which plays exclusively music from our members. Our dedicated shop divided into diverse departments, selling all sorts of goods related to Music. They also have sections for publicizing Events, Music and Artists.

FRC All Music offers Free Accounts in all Membership Categories. We also offer paid Pro Accounts in all Membership Categories which makes available Professional Features like customisable URL, increased number of song uploads, ability to sell your music direct to your fans. All Proceeds go direct to you via Paypal.

FRC All Music is the home to artists,members of the music industry from around the world. We’re glad to have you as part of the FRC All Music Network Community and we want to make sure that you get the most out of the site.

There are many awesome features on our site that you can access with a membership. These features include:

The ability to Create an online profile and network with musicians from around the world via

  • Our private messaging system

  • Our unique Playlists features which allows you to listen to other artists’ music and chat with them via our chat in private or public chatrooms

We will help you to get your music heard including

  •  Features in the Site Radio, being a featured artist

  • inclusion in our online Internet Radio