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About Berthmark

Welcome Folks, Berthmark here.

Well the mad man trying to get out of me and writing this music is. I am from Dublin in Ireland and As a Musical Artist, multi instrumentalist, I tell life stories through Acoustic Folk/Rock and Blues .

In my school days, I learned the thin whistle and Bodhran and writing short stories was a huge passion of mine. I wrote all the time and when I stopped, I wrote some more.

Over the years that followed, while I started teaching myself other instruments, I started putting my stories to songs. The guitar became my first love for turning them into songs, giving them life. I felt a knack for it. A perfect fit for me and I have been writing this way ever since. I have played on the live circuit for many years, way before this social media thing. Playing live gigs up close and personal, supported many bands and auditioned as a solo artist, getting through the many stages involved with Tv shows like , Ireland's Your a star and the Voice. Only to hit a brick wall involved with reality Tv, and its Politics.

I have had my work Chart in Itunes, Deezer and IHeartRadio and to date I work with teens producing music through workshops I created, through a youth club in association with a youth organisation called Foroige. Recently I have moved into scoring for film, and with that New project in the making, hopefully exciting times ahead.

“ Music and writing is in my bloodstream and it has always been my lifeline ”, For more about me and some FREE Downloads. Why not Visit www.berthmarkmusic.com Thank you for dropping by.

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