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Homeless in America

Homeless in America

album : Old Dog new Tricks

performing artist : Denny Closser

genre: World Music

song language: English
composer: Denny Closser
lyricist: Denny Closser
label: Not Provided
mastering by: Not Defined
arrangement by: Denny Closser
upload or release date: March, 2019
upload your song: m4a, 7.6MB, 00:05:27

Total Times Played: 38

Song Rating:
Total Times Rated: 3 Average Rating: 4

Lyric Rating:
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Hit Potential Rating:
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Story about the Song:

Original song from the perspective of the person without a home and know where to go or sleep, or just be...


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About denclomusic

Lifelong musician making music for people to enjoy and bring out feelings of joy and happiness, or as in the song Scattering a broken heart, it was written and played with frayed chord patterns and scattered leads, just as i felt, when I was left in a heap from a relationship that  crumbled. .Homeless in America is a song to get people to think about and help folks in dire need of a hand up...I hope people enjoy this music as much as i love to make it. I play all the imstruments, and apolagize in advance for my voice....  Thanks to all who listen and create...

Denny Closser



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