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Buerger 7
About Buerger 7

I was born in Hermannstadt, … so to say, in the City of Hermann. With magic people, a wonderful place full of inspiration. I was given a wonderful name and step by step I came to love life and to realize it. And to challenge it. This way of life was different to what surrounded me. Later I understood that I was born by the music. I’m inspired by music, nature, people, sports. I love the mountain, it’s colors, the sky, the water and sea … I see art in all it’s crazy creation in which we live.  And I tried to take it all what I felt and to try and understand humanity.

Relationships. Respect. Love. One that I never thought that it was ever going to happen. And the same way I also faced unhappiness. Big ones. But all is part of this crazy game which, in fact, makes our hearts beat. I was born by music and live in my songs. With wonderful people some of them truly professionals. I grew at their side and together with them. This way I learned how complex the sound is.

I learned about vibration and how to reach people with it. How we are influenced by it. And I learned my whole life. This is what I want. This is me: the deepest wish and love of my life. After all, the greatest gift which I got through music, is bringing me to a higher ground. It shall be with endless love. And I quote myself “Choose love & enjoy living” …


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