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A Thousand Kisses Deep

A Thousand Kisses Deep

album : So Long Leonard

Performing Artist : Seelenheimat

genre: Folk

Song Language: English
Composer: Leonard Cohen
lyricist: Leonard Cohen
distributing label: Seelenheimat
Mastering performed by: Kurt Fritsche
arrangement by: Dirk Ende, Kurt Fritsche
Upload or Release date: March, 2018
audio file information: mp3, 1.7MB, 00:00:44

streams: 143

Total Times Rated: 7
Average Rating: 5


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About Me dirkende

Dirk Ende, singer/songwriter and composer was born in Saalfeld in the green heart of our country in Thuringia. Initially, he was supposed to learn how to play accordion but his passion was to let his guitar sing. He spent every free minute playing the guitar, developing his own style. Right from the beginning, he felt closest to being a “singer/songwriter”. He loves to cover great songs, worthy of preserving, from great artists, so they remain in the memory of the listeners.
Dirk’s true passion however, is to write his own wonderful songs. He loves to write songs that provide heart and soul. His songs tell stories, which will tenderly touch your heart and soul.
He takes the liberty to give freedom to his audience, the freedom of thought. The audience is invited not only to be entertained but to take an interest, have their own thoughts and feelings about each song. Listen to Dirk’s repertoire and things will happen that you never expected, you may even feel as if you are flying.
An interesting mix of his original songs, completed with elements of pop, the result is a modern sound that still captures the special kind of lyric and poetry. His aim is to get as close as possible to the mainstream. With his unique voice and his own interpretations Dirk always manages to perform his songs in a credible manner. He just wants to reach more people, have more people hear his songs … and this is exactly what is happening!

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