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You Take Me Away

You Take Me Away

album : Unknown

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genre: Not Defined

song language: English
composer: Jens Christensen
lyricist: Jens Christensen
label: Not Provided
mastering by: Jens Christensen
arrangement by: Jens Christensen
upload or release date: July, 2022
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Total Times Played: 9

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Story about the Song:

This song is inspired by my wonderful wife who I met in California by chance at my front door.Although she had a slight
German accent little did I expect we were born in the same town near SF and same hospital.  This song connects us
through our love for the sea (the Pacific ocean).


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Jens Christensen
About Us Jens Christensen

As an ASCAP member, my FOCUS is as a SONGWRITER (both music and text) for Music Artists.  Although I tend to produce and sing my songs, my goal is clearly WRITER.  I also am open to collaboration (currently am working on co-writing with others in this FRC forum).

Classically trained on Organ/Piano as well as being a music minor in College, I'm a composer since age of 16.  At this age I began playing in Pop-Rock bands in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I also worked on album projects where I had the unique opportunity to record in some top studios together with big-name musicians, such as Steve Smith, as well as the Bassist from Santana, and had involvement well known composer/producers John Capek, Narada Michael Walden and Geo Slam in the production and promotion of other singing artists.  Lastly, I have done some commercial jingles, such as for a spot for Mercedes, 

Although these involvements have been personally satisfying, my primary focus is on developing a diverse portfolio of songs of commercial quality to promote to various music artists and it is my wish to use the FRC forum for exactly this purpose.  My concentration is on POP & POP-ROCK, but I have a habit of delving into all genres (such as Country, Folk and Jazz) because I feel EVERY genre has something to add to my experience in writing, and adds to my own diversity as a composer.

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