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Stand by me (Cover)

Stand by me (Cover)

album :

performing artist : Linschen

genre: Blues

song language: English
composer: Ben E.King, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller
lyricist: Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller
label: Not Provided
mastering by: Linschen
arrangement by: Not Defined
upload or release date: December, 2022
upload your song: wav, 32MB, 00:03:10

Total Times Played: 398

Song Rating:
Total Times Rated: 4 Average Rating: 4.25

Lyric Rating:
Total Times Rated: 4 Average Rating: 5

Composition Rating:
Total Times Rated: 4 Average Rating: 5

Hit Potential Rating:
Total Times Rated: 2 Average Rating: 3

Story about the Song:

Ich liebe es zu singen und mache es als Hobby . Das war das 2 Cover was ich so für mich aufgenommen habe :) .


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About Linschen_Official

Ich bin Hobbysängerin und singe für mein Leben gern. In näherer Zukunft würde ich gerne mehr daraus machen 

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