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Individual Fanclub Site vs using the Fan Site Capabilities at FRC All Music

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user image 15/10/16 22:21:34
Posted By: FRC All Music Admin Posted in: latest
Individual Fanclub Site vs using the Fan Site Capabilities at FRC All Music

Let’s look at some scenarios, you are an artist but you are ignored by mainstream radios and other media outlets which would help to increase your exposure.

What happens most of the time? Someone comes along and offers you to make you a website and a fanclub site on the internet, after all there are millions of people every day looking for information, music and other stuff, therefore it should be easy to get to be known in no time. You think this is great, the guy seems to know what he is talking about, you part with your money and in a couple of weeks you have a website. Great isn’t it?

Is it really? Just ask yourself the question, your name as an artist is not well known, why should people start looking for you now, just because you have a website? Use some of the Google Tools or other tools and find out how many people are looking for your name, even if you have exposure as an artist and you have been in the business for a long time. Guess how many searches you can expect! We have used some of the artists on our website which have been around for quite a while and you would expect that people are searching for their music,

Artist A had 4400 monthly searches for his name and 480 searches for one of his well-known songs that almost everyone knows.

Artist B also well-known but not as popular as Artist A appeared to have 44.000 searches but if you would analyse the search results in more detail, you will find it is just a common name that other people also are using or were born with

Artist C, not well known but constantly out there and performing, received 150 searches.

Don’t believe it? Try it yourself.

Ok so your Website Guy tells you that is ok because you don’t have a website, therefore no one  is looking for you. Before you part with your money ask a few questions like:

  • what is your strategy to promote me, do you use Press Releases?

  • If yes, what Press Release sites are you using?

  • What SEO and Backlink Strategy will be used to promote your fanclub site?

  • What other Web Promotional Techniques is he using, are they all accepted by google and other search engines?

  • What Strategies are used to avoid your name being blacklisted for Spamming?

  • What Newsletter and email service will be used?

This is just a small sample of the questions you should ask. If someone offers you a Flash Site run as quick as you can, you will get a nice looking website but almost impossible to promote.

What is different at FRC All Music?

The site is optimised for music related search terms. During some promotional activities we had more than 1000 visitors a day. Sounds a lot but it’s not really. To be recognised on the web as one of the top sites you need approx. 100,000 visitors a day. We have made a decision to grow slowly. Why? Less risk being classified as a spam site by search engines, Search Engines hate fast growing websites, they are suspicious and most of them are dodgy. We want to grow slowly and organically, meaning we will increase our ranking slowly and achieve a better outcome for our artists.

Going back to using FRC All Music for your fanclub, we believe this is a good strategy to get your name out to more people and being amongst other good and quality artists will help to promote your name. This is a case where sharing a website often achieves more than having one alone. It’s like TEAM work Together Each Achieves More!

Then, when you are ready, by all means create your own fanclub site, we actually encourage you to create one, but use FRC All Music as a funnel to bring pre-qualified people to your site and encourage your existing fans to join your site at FRC All Music. This will also help other artists, and you are benefiting from fans of other musicians. If you are interested in setting up a Fanclub site, just have a talk to us, we can help you in more ways than one.

Any questions just drop us a line and watch out for those guys and gals who try to entice you away from FRC All Music with unsustainable promises.

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Latest Comments
Re: White Cake im...
05/05/21 14:34:11
By: Evi

Schaut nicht schlecht aus Dein "White Cake" Alex....bestimmt hat er auch geschmeckt <img src="https://frc-all-music.com/data/media/0/0/jrSmiley_248_smiley_image.gif" style="height: 24px;"...

Alexander Schmidt
Re: White Cake im...
05/05/21 21:51:08
By: Der Garten- und...

Danke, der White Cake war sehr lecker, das war sozusagen das Geburtstagsgeschenk von mir für mich 🙂🙂🙂

Re: Nick MacKenzie -...
04/05/21 16:37:17
By: Evi

Such a happy and fun melody!

Re: Nick MacKenzie -...
04/05/21 16:26:44
By: Evi

Hi Nick, just discovered your 'new' song. How about sending it in for us to play on FRC Network Radio? <img src="https://frc-all-music.com/data/media/0/0/jrSmiley_99_smiley_image.gif"...

Re: Ich träum von dir
02/05/21 19:55:50
By: Evi

Dank Gert. Ich finde Markus Linzer hat eine wunderbare Stimme, er war frueher bei den Wiener Saengerknaben und schreibt wunderbare eigene Lieder. Ich finde ihn sehr sympathisch. Erna und Du...

Gerts Musik
Re: Ich träum von dir
02/05/21 18:23:05
By: Gert Emig

Sehr schöner Song und Text von Dir liebe @evi.Wir wünschen einen schönen Sonntag.L.Grüße von Gert&Erna.Das ist unser Haus!!

Gerts Musik
Re: Bei Jörg Lamster...
28/04/21 00:16:19
By: Gert Emig

Hallo liebe @evi,zwei davon kannst Du schon bei gert_emig hören,aber es kommen in diesem Jahr noch mehr.Viel Spaß beim hören.<a href="https://www.gert-emig.eu" title="Meine Website...

Re: Odenwälder sind...
27/04/21 15:45:29
By: Evi

Bei dieser Melodie wird jeder Zuhoerer, egal von wo,  'gut trauf' sein <img src="https://frc-all-music.com/data/media/0/0/jrSmiley_246_smiley_image.gif" style="height: 24px;" alt="Dancing group"...

Re: Bei Jörg Lamster...
27/04/21 15:27:11
By: Evi

Wasimmer der Titel, es wurde bestimmt eine wunderbare Produktion