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American Saturday Night - Preview

American Saturday Night - Preview

album : American Saturday Night - Single

performing artist : Nick MacKenzie

genre: Country Pop

song language: English
composer: Not Defined
lyricist: Not Provided
label: Not Provided
mastering by: Not Defined
arrangement by: Not Provided
upload or release date: May, 2021
upload your song: mp3, 407KB, 00:00:13

Total Times Played: 1700

Song Rating:
Total Times Rated: 39 Average Rating: 5

Lyric Rating:
Total Times Rated: 9 Average Rating: 5

Composition Rating:
Total Times Rated: 9 Average Rating: 4.89

Hit Potential Rating:
Total Times Rated: 9 Average Rating: 5


download - American Saturday Night - Preview

Story about the Song:

Not Provided


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04 May 2021 16:37:17 @evi:

Such a happy and fun melody!

04 May 2021 16:26:44 @evi:

Hi Nick, just discovered your 'new' song. How about sending it in for us to play on FRC Network Radio? Disk Jockey FRC has listeners in 35 Countries 

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Nick MacKenzie
About Nick MacKenzie

Nick MacKenzie is a dutch Pop-/ Country-Singer, who had very much success in the 70´s & 80´s with Songs like Juanita or Hello Good Morning.

Nowadays Nick Mackenzie is busy with some good Country-Music Songs from the USA, including Covers of Hits from Toby Keith or Trace Adkins.

Now in 2019 he´s planning to release a new Download-Single and also a new album with his greatest Country-Songs so far. 

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