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My Appreciation for FRC All Music

user image 2021-08-24
Posted By: PigTail Productions
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I was ask to share a conversation we had on Facebook, so here's how the thing went down:                          FRC-ALL-MUSIC - From Rock to Classic   shared a link.

Can anyone show 1000 (or almost) plays on any of their FRC tracks? Post your link in here so we can help you push the counter even higher

Can anyone boast 1000 (or almost,) plays on any of their FRC tracks? Post your link here so that we can help to get that counter even further up.

https://frc-all-music.com FRC-ALL-MUSIC.COMFRC ALL Music the professional music networkFRC All Music not only promotes your music it promotes you as a music artist and the talent behind and all the other music professionals. Create your tailored Music Industry Profile and get your music heard.

Benny Bartek I have never really considered the amount of plays... Where can I find that number?

Benny Bartek  - have a look here: 

Benny Bartek - you go to your FRC Profile and then to "Audio" where a list of your uploaded songs will appear. When you click on the individual songs you will get to the page like the above link I have given you and you should be able to see your 'Total Plays' for that song there. If you need a more detailed explanation or a screen shot, let us know.

Benny Bartek Thank you! It appears I am not near the 1000 mark yet, but I noticed that the number of plays are higher for the songs on page 1 than they are on page 2. I guess I'll have to rearrange the order or start sharing them more on facebook. (Maybe by doing that I can get some of my songwriting friends to take more of an interest in FRC!

Benny Bartek yes indeed, the songs at the front are the ones that get mostly played. If a visitor is interested, he may click through your other songs and listen, but for a play to count, one needs to listen to at least 40-50% of the uploaded song. This is to prevent people clicking their songs to the top ( Yes, unfortunately, it does happen  ) The songs that appear on the Front Page Play Chart of FRC get listened to the very most as they are easy for listeners to find. This is why we encourage FRC Artists to share their FRC uploads so that more people can find you and enjoy your works. Not everyone knows who you are and if you appear on the front page you will get noticed. No matter whether your songs have 10 or 1000 plays, we appreciate every member and are grateful for them supporting the FRC ALL MUSIC Platform. A special thank you to you, Benny, we are aware you have been an FRC member for a very long time. It's loyal members like you that keep the FRC Team motivated.

Benny Bartek Awe, shucks... I appreciate y'all! A platform where I can be heard around the world? Can't ask for much better than that! But it gets better! Truly! The folks taking care of FRC (behind the scenes) are some of the best people I've never met! I truly treasure our friendships! And the personal conversations we have about FRC and "Life", I'll treasure forever! My hat is off to all of you at FRC-ALL-MUSIC - From Rock to Classic . When I tell my friends back here in Abilene, Texas that they should really consider joining FRC and putting their music out to the world through FRC, I also tell them about YOU, the people that make FRC work! You're the bonus they get with FRC that is very rare to find on other platforms like yours. And for that, I thank each and everyone of you!

FRC-ALL-MUSIC - From Rock to Classic Benny Bartek  Thank you for those wonderful words and taking the time to write them. You certainly are one very appreciated FRC member! 

And that's how you show someone how much you appreciate what they do. It's easy to overlook the small "pats on the back", but those "pats on the back" can go a long, long way! Y'all give someone a "pat on the back" today, and you just might realize that moment of appreciation is felt on both sides of the "pat" and the "back". Have a GREAT DAY, EVERYBODY!

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25/08/21 12:34:19 @evi:

Hi Benny, thanks for all those ever-so-kind words. I'm sure the FRC ALL MUSIC Team will appreciate what wonderful words you have written. Keep safe and take care.....and thank you for the music Yes 2

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