• Das ist Schlager Vol.1

    Posted By Lyx-Records, 2018-04-21
    Das ist Schlager Vol.1

    Das ist Schlager Vol. 1
    Das Schlager lebt wie nie zuvor. Deutschland ist ,,Schlagerland,, - und am 21.03.2017 erreicht nun von Lyx Records der erste Sampler ,, Das ist Schlager! Vol. 1,, den Markt.
    Ein Compilation, die sich mühelos in die Reihe der besten Sampler dieses Genre-Bereiches einordnet und ganz sicher eine breite Zustimmung erfahren wird.
    Dabei sind u.a. Graziano – Europweit bekannt / Der Titel ,,Spiel des Lebens,, aus dem Projekt ,,Alle für Alle, mit Jürgen Drews, Nina Hagen, Nicole usw. / dann Tom Barcal – einer der bekanntesten deutschen Schauspielern oder Michael Herz – er hat 29 goldene Schallplatten und viele andere Künstler.
    Diese CD ist erste Klasse.
    Genau passend zu den ersten ,,Vor-Frühlings-Strahlen ist dies das, absolut beste musikalische Geschenk an Ostern.
    ,,Das ist Schlager Vol. 1,, fasziniert vom ersten bis zum letzten Ton.

    Mit dabei:

    1. Graziano – Lass die Liebe in dein Herz hinein 
    2. Mariella – Du bist da
    3. Alle für Alle – Spiel des Lebens 
    4. Marie Vell – Und das Feuer brennt
    5. Michael Herz – 20 verlorene Jahre 
    6. Ann-Madeleine – Wachgeküsst
    7. Tom Barcal - Als ich dich sah (Radio Version)
    8. Alex De. & Yvonne Held–Warum hast Du nicht nein gesagt
    9. Peter De Rooy - Mit Tränen in den Augen ist man blind 
    10. Angela Nebauer- Herzensmelodien (Original Sountrack) 
    11. Alex De. – Du warst immer bei mir
    12. Yvonne Held – Du bist meine Insel 
    13. Carl Emroy – Einmal seh’n wir uns wieder 
    14. Schlagerfeuer – Auf einen Wodka 
    15. Ann-Madeleine & Alex De. – Wir zwei allein heut’ Nacht 
    16. Tanny – Du bist alles für mich (Reloaded 2016) 
    17. Eva Kyselka - Liebe und Gewalt

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    Dirk Ende - So Long Leonard

    Posted By dirkende, 2018-04-02
    Dirk Ende - So Long Leonard

    Would you like to listen the last concert in Kamenz (Germany, Sachsen) from 2018/03/17?

    Here ist the link to the playlist on YouTube:

    Playlist concert in Kamenz (Germany, Sachsen) the 2018/03/17

    Review to "So Long Leonard"


    So Long Leonard


    Leonard Cohen passed away on November 7, 2016, but his art lives on and still has impact on people´s hearts and minds. How much it does is actually proven by the tribute album „So Long Leonard.“ the singer and guitarist Dirk Ende took 15 songs that cover a time span of 34 years. Sure, a collection like this would not be complete without the timeless classic „Hallelujah,“ the hit blueprint „First We Take Manhattan“ and the evergreen „Suzanne,“ but it is the not covered-to-death tunes that excite you. Especially on „Lover Lover Lover“ Dirk Ende gets incredibly close to the original voice. Goosebumps guaranteed!


    Ende even excels himself on „Chelsea Hotel,“ „A Thousand Kisses Deep“ and „Lover Lover Lover.“ Of course the 61-year-old performer does not have Cohen´s unique timbre, but a stunning style of his own. Especially A Thousand Kisses Deep,“ the youngest cut on this disc with an original release in 2001, is a little masterpiece in this version – a true gem!

    Closest to this come „It Seems So Long Ago, Nancy“ and „Stories Of The Street.“ Especially these songs have their individual vibe which is beyond the original.


    Considering that an album with such a strong focus on acoustic guitar and vocals can get very tedious very quickly, it fascinates even more how exciting „So Long Leonard“ has been shaped. Dirk Ende and his combatants bow to the immortal artist Leonard Cohen, but they do not freeze in awe. Instead, they interpret his work with confidence. It´s even more than that: They try to find  new ways. These again have been perfectly prepared by Kurt Fritsche: The sound is superb! 

    ©Michael Schuebeler/EMPIRE Magazine

    Dirk Ende - Homepage

    Dirk Ende - So Long Leonard

    Buy So Long Leonard

    This is my first time to meet music of Leonard Cohen:

    Actually we wanted to release the album under the name "Thank You Mr. Cohen", but then we decided on "So Long Leonard", following one of his most famous songs "So long Marianne", which he dedicated to his muse Marianne.


    I already came into contact with Leonard Cohen and his music in my youth. It was in 1977 when we were sitting in a youth hostel in Edinburgh (Scotland) with other musicians playing and singing on the lawn in front of it. At that time I could only play a little guitar and sing. But there were also really good people who played guitar like gods. Back then I admired them very much. However, there was one who wasn't able to play along many titles, listening with an open mouth, like me. At some point, he (I'll call him Joe, because I've unfortunately forgotten his name) grabbed the guitar and said: "Ok, I can do one song, I'll play it for you now!" He started playing and sang Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne". He played so well and soulful that all the girl's hearts just flew to him. After that only this song was played for the rest of the evening - over and over again. I never forgot it anymore!


    It's been more than 40 years now and Leonard Cohen's music has lost none of its magic to me. Now I stand here before you and have realized the dream to publish an album with songs by Leonard Cohen. With his most famous songs like “Suzanne”, “Famous blue Raincoat”, “Bird on a Wire” and “So long Marianne” from the beginning of his career. From the 1980s “First we take Manhattan” and “Hallelujah”. Of course, there are still a few more songs on the album, emotional played and sung with all my heart and soul. And I hope you all are touched like we were by Joe back then at the youth hostel. Thank you dear Mr. Cohen!

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