Graziano Saenger
Graziano Saenger

That phenomenon of Graziano, the Italian who makes "Schlager"

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That phenomenon of Graziano, the Italian who makes "Schlager"

Alto Adige

07 October 2015

The Bolzano who makes crazy folk Germany is not Tyrolean and even German on Saturday Bronzolo will celebrate his 10 years on stage.Daniela Mimmi's Daniela Mimmifans are coming

BOLZANO. He is the only singer of "Schlager" in Italian, indeed, as he says, even the most international of all. In Italy it is (of course) not very well known, but it is famous not only in Germany, but also in Austria, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland and so on. He is Graziano Facchini, artisan Graziano and just, doc. Bolzanino. He chose Bronzolo to celebrate the top ten performances with the Graziano Musik Festival, organized by Laives Bronzolo Vadena Tourist Association, which will take place on the Pinara party square on Saturday, October 10, 2015, beginning at 11.30 am and closing at 16. The band together with Graziano will sing and talk with friends and colleagues like Rony Gander, Maria da Vinci, Silke & Dirk Spielberg and the Brook Duo, while the way to the great party will be given by Musikkapelle Branzoll. For the event will also come his fans of the Alps, on 11 buses. "They come not only from Germany and Austria but also from Holland and other Nordic countries. They make 1,300 to come and hear me, "he tells us. Graziano grew up on Lake Garda and studied drums at the Claudio Monteverdi Conservatory in Bolzano. In 2004 it was discovered by producer Luis Staffler (same as Oswald Sattler, Die Ladiner and Vincent & Fernando), who persuaded him to dedicate himself to the Schlager. In 2005, he released his first single "My Love - ich bin dir nah", followed in 2007 by the album, "Für alle Frauen", which included, in addition to the songs sung in German, also "Flying" and "O sole my ", sung in Italian. For the singer's activity she has been alongside that of the author: The biggest success is the second place at the Grand Prix der Volksmusik 2006 won by Vincent & Fernando (also the winners were South Tyrolean: Rudy Giovannini with Belsy and the Monti Palliidi Choir) with his "Ich schenk dir Liebe". In 2009 he recorded another album entitled "Romantica" followed by "Nie wieder einsam" in 2011 and "Ein Traum für zwei" last year. He also participated in major television shows in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. We ask him how, an Italian Italian-speaking singer, becomes famous by singing in German in Germany. "It was a case, as is often the case. I sang and played in clubs, hotels, weddings. I was covering, and my pieces. In a hotel in Ortisei there was a famous German manufacturer whom I liked. He proposed to send me some music, he would put the texts on us. Then she also made me sing. At first it was not easy, because my German was the one I learned at school. I did a try, a kind of demo, recorded at home with my keyboards, which then became a single. Many important German radio stations started to air it, and everything started from there. "

What is the "Schlager" exactly?

"It's hard to explain in Italian, because it does not exist. It's kind of folk, but more pop and more dance. "
How can you explain why she, who is Italian, has been so successful in Germany? "I think the Germans like our way of making music and singing, which reflects our culture. We have another soul, we're more in the piece, and they really like them. I do not know how to define myself in Germany. I'm italian? Are they South Tyrol? "

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