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@Evi, 14/10/17 09:19:58
Hi Lance, FANTASTIC, you found FRC 😁 glad to have you here. I read your bio, pretty impressive 1,500 lyrics and Ruthie's Max as your Mentor, wow! Hope to hear more of you soon. Take care.
Lance W Toohey
About Lance W Toohey

Hi guys/gals, 

I'm an Aussie based Songwriter (lyricist only) and I am always on the lookout for good music/melody writers. I have been "mentored" by Max T Barnes over the past 7 years and with Max's invaluable help have started to write some decent to, as Max told me recently "you have made it buddy" better than average Song lyrics ;)

I started off writing poetry about 9 years ago but switched to Song lyrics and have not regretted it, because the minute you hear music giving life to one of your lyrics, you are hooked. I still write poetry now and then but lyrics have now become my passion. I now have a catalogue of almost 1200 lyrics, so there's plenty of material here for all you top music writers.

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