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Wir Sind Liebe (Maxi Version)

Wir Sind Liebe (Maxi Version)

album : Wir sind Liebe

performing artist : Marcel De Van & Lyane Hegemann

genre: Pop

song language: German
composer: Joan-Ivonne Bake , Marcel de Van
lyricist: Joan Ivonne Bake, Angelika Hennig
label: 3H Fox Records
mastering by: Not Defined
arrangement by: Not Provided
upload or release date: October, 2021
upload your song: mp3, 3.4MB, 00:02:24

Total Times Played: 25

Song Rating:
Total Times Rated: 5 Average Rating: 5

Lyric Rating:
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Composition Rating:
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Hit Potential Rating:
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Lyane Hegemann
24 Dec 2021 06:33:57 @lyane-hegemann:

Danke schön für das Lob

06 Dec 2021 23:50:55 @fabyan:

Hey Lyane, Super Song! gefällt mir sehr gut ... Yes 2 Grüsse von Mallorca, Fabyán

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Lyane Hegemann
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