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Falling Stars

Falling Stars

album : Falling Stars

performing artist : M@rgo

genre: Pop

song language: English
composer: Margarita Semenova
lyricist: Margarita Semenova
label: AMD Records US
mastering by: Rostislav Yankelevich
arrangement by: Not Provided
upload or release date: August, 2020
upload your song: mp3, 2.5MB, 00:01:47

Total Times Played: 61

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Total Times Rated: 2 Average Rating: 5

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Margarita Semenova/Margo
About Margarita Semenova/Margo

M@rgO is author, composer and professional musician (by the piano class), writersongs for her solo project and also for another artists,co working with her. Also she the author and producer of music programs on the Saturn FM radio news portal. With her participation there were broadcasts, where the special guests were the Stars of the old and new generation of disco: Lian Ross, Mode One, Kristian Conde, ТIziana Revale, Lenroy, Tam Harrow, Gina T, Patty Ryan, Frank Lozano, D.White, Digitalo, Elen Cora, Peter Wilson, Ryan Paris, Mauro, Kristina Monzano, Linda Jo Rizzo, "Eurotix", "Italove", as well as the legendary groups: "Baccara", "Arabesque", "Dschingizhaan", golden voices "Modern Talking" - " Systems in Blue "and many, many others.

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