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Ceart Go Leor

Ceart Go Leor

album : Single only

Artista dello spettacolo : Mind The Craic

genre: Sing-Along

Lingua della canzone: English
Compositore: Mark Coward, Neil Fitzgibbon
paroliere : Mark Coward
distributing label: Ditto Music
Masterizzazione eseguita da: Not Defined
disposizione da: Not Provided
Data di caricamento o di rilascio: September, 2022
informazioni sul file audio: mp3, 3MB, 00:02:33

Totale giocato: 141

Song Rating:
Total Times Rated: 10 Average Rating: 5

Lyric Rating:
Total Times Rated: 4 Average Rating: 5

Composition Rating:
Total Times Rated: 4 Average Rating: 5

Hit Potential Rating:
Total Times Rated: 3 Average Rating: 5


download - Ceart Go Leor

breve storia della canzone:

Not Defined


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01/05/22 20:06:42 @evi:

Another awesome, fun song of yours Marco. Wonderful Yes 2

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Marko Van Dango
Chi siamo Marko Van Dango

Ordinary guy just trying to make a living and if I bring joy to people then that's a bonus. Native of the UK, we have a beautiful country with so much diversity in scenery and accents and I have been privileged to see some of it but still many parts to explore. Grown up with an appreciation for music of many genres and as we age so do our tastes change and viewpoints. There are many talented songwriters and singers and whilst most of my music tastes are of years gone by I still appreciate the quality of the modern day music. The same is true of Art, there are so many styles and mediums and I used to enjoy visiting a local Art Gallery and like music it is what appeals to us that we value and it can give us a greater appreciation for the variety that we can all enjoy.

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