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MARTH Healing Music
Chi siamo MARTH Healing Music

MARTH Profile Since the first release of music CDs as a pioneer to create the healing music genre, MARTH’s heartwarming music has moved hundreds of thousands of people to tears in the world. The music has been played as theme songs and background music at TV, FM and radio stations in Japan as well. For the recordings of music albums which amount to more than 200 titles now, musicians from Tokyo, Hollywood, New York, Prague, Honolulu and so on participated on recordings, often shedding tears while playing music… What motivated him to create such healing music was that he felt a need for beautiful and moving music during the time when participants meet the original self in a self-help seminar, in which he was a trainer in his youth. He had been a professional singer and songwriter of a major label since childhood. His music seems to remind us that all of us are love, even if we believe in fights, conflicts, and competitions in the societies of separation. It may be quite natural that healing music has been appreciated by healing professionals such as natural doctors, therapists, healers, and so on of the world and used for various healing purposes. MARTH has always been conveying to us that all the people of the world should realize a world that everything is connected as one so that we can regain true happiness, peace, and prosperity, and deepen our awareness to the world of oneness. And now a journey to find the new truth has just begun… His messages have started catching the attention of the good people of the world, increasing its force. From the land of the East where the descendants of the ancient people of love are said to live, to the world where the awakened people of love are expecting to create a beautiful new world with hand in hand…

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