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Lass Einfach Los (Radio Mix)

Lass Einfach Los (Radio Mix)

album : Lass Einfach Los

performing artist : Fabyán

genre: Schlager

song language: German
composer: Fabian Noll
lyricist: Fabian Noll
label: Don Fabio Musica (LC-98431)
mastering by: Fabian Noll - Don Fabio Musica
arrangement by: Fabian Noll
upload or release date: May, 2023
upload your song: mp3, 8.5MB, 00:03:31

Total Times Played: 0

upload your song: mp3, 8.5MB, 00:03:31

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Total Times Rated: 1 Average Rating: 5

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Total Times Rated: 1 Average Rating: 5

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Total Times Rated: 1 Average Rating: 5

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Total Times Rated: 1 Average Rating: 5


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About Fabyan

Fabyán a Newcomer for the German-Schlager & Pop Music

After the latest Schlager Single "Nicht nur ein Spiel" from March 2022

Fabyán has something new up his sleeve again...

because on October 21th his new single will be released

“Queen of the Night”

(A ballad story about a drug addict woman who is long lost)

So it is the 5th single that Fabyán releases and thus also the 2st in English/German. Fabyán doesn't just want to present his music in German-speaking countries, but internationally, which unfortunately doesn't always work with German-speaking music.

In principle, German -Schlager music was never planned by the music producer Fabian Noll, who also produced various electronic songs such as chillout, trance, techno, ect. under the stage name “DJ Don Fabyo”. published.

Pop Schlager music has accompanied him his whole life.

However, Fabyán doesn't put any pressure on himself during the production!

for the time being it will only remain a project where the fun is in the foreground.

That's why he doesn't stick to the rules when it comes to the production of pop music. He says himself that his songs are very experimental.

This is particularly noticeable in the various versions that he mixes of a song.


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