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Ceart Go Leor

Posted By Marko Van dango, 2022-04-29
Ceart Go Leor

Finally completed the 'son' of 'Tickety Boo.' An Irish version that stands alone in it's own right. This song was written in response to a suggestion made by Ryan Tubridy on RTE Radio in Ireland. I had sent Tickety Boo to the Irish Eurovision team to see if they wanted to use it, with obvious modifications, since the song is typically British. The Irish Eurovision team had already chosen their candidate but sent my song onto Ryan. He interviewed me on his show and suggested doing an Irish version and that instead of Tickety Boo, he said that in Ireland they would use Ceart Go Leor (Kart Go Lore- phonetically). I eventually wrote some more lyrics suited to an Irish audience and found an amazing talent online in the form of Neil Fitzgibbon and he composed and arranged the music with an Irish feel, but sticking to the original structure / format. The result was an amazing job done by Neil, Ciaran (the vocalist) and others. I'm really happy with the result. I have also been working on another song if I'm able to get it complete. Watch this space. 

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Everything's Tickety Boo!

Posted By Marko Van dango, 2019-12-04
Everything's Tickety Boo!

I wrote this song a lot of years ago in 2003, prior to writing it I was driving in the city of York (UK) and stopped to allow a young man cross the road. As he was crossing he turned to me and my old friends and said 'Tickety Boo' and that made me laugh. Later I became unemployed and was inspired to put down the lyrics in my head and through a friend was able to get it recorded locally. The lyrics reflect the many adversities that we all face which can crush our spirit, so hopefully the song is fun and inspirational. Many of us get ideas in our heads, something that we like to do, however many of us fail to realise our ambitions but thankfully opportunities do come along and then we can achieve what we want, so never give up. You can buy the song on iTunes if you wish. I also completed a book entitled 'The Trial of The Big Bad Wolf' on a website called so if anyone is interested and they would like to buy it you can, the author is Marko Van Dango. Does Crime Pay? Take a look and read the book and be afraid all you Wolves!!!!

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Marko Van Dango
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Ordinary guy just trying to make a living and if I bring joy to people then that's a bonus. Native of the UK, we have a beautiful country with so much diversity in scenery and accents and I have been privileged to see some of it but still many parts to explore. Grown up with an appreciation for music of many genres and as we age so do our tastes change and viewpoints. There are many talented songwriters and singers and whilst most of my music tastes are of years gone by I still appreciate the quality of the modern day music. The same is true of Art, there are so many styles and mediums and I used to enjoy visiting a local Art Gallery and like music it is what appeals to us that we value and it can give us a greater appreciation for the variety that we can all enjoy.

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