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Der Junge Mit Der Mundharmonika

Jean Corvers Artist Singer-Songwriter
About Jean Corvers Artist Singer-Songwriter

Jean Corvers – HELLO @ YOU & i

Biography – English Version

Jean Corvers born in 1967 lives in Landgraaf in the Netherlands with his beautiful wife and two lovely daughters.

In 2014, he almost lost his life when he became seriously ill. His recovery was a new life-beginning for him as, during his illness, he lost almost everything he had and therefore wanted to take every opportunity to get back on his feet to find happiness.

During this unexpected turning point of his life he discovered that the world of a singer-songwriter was planted deep inside his heart. He began to write lyrics and compose music. One after the other his songs found their way into the big world of entertainment. He himself was amazed by the success he achieved and the heart-warming reactions of his fans. He could now call himself a singer-songwriter.

The first song he wrote was for his late sister Marleen and he titled the song: “A tear is rolling down my face”.

His second song was, “Steampunky Buam”, followed by “Valiabt in mi”.

A music publisher in Austria showed great interest in “Steampunky Buam”

His debut Album as an English-language singer-songwriter was released in March 2017 and is called “Of my fears released”. It contains 8 of Jean Corver’s own songs and 4 covers songs, including a duet with Lita Turner.

Jean’s first German Schlager CD Album was released in August 2018 and bears the Title of one his own songs, “Liebling, Glaube Daran, Darling, believe in it”.

 His 1st German-language SCHLAGER CD album is released in August 2018 and bears the title of one of his own songs "Liebling, Glaube Daran”. On this Album of 13 songs and 1 Bonus track, you will find a glitter of little stars, and Jean looks prouder than the moon between these stars on this production.

Peter Alexander’s legendary song, “Und manchmal weinst du sicher ein paar Traenen“ (And sometimes you surely cry a few tears) that Jean covered, gained 1st place in the well-known Edelweiss Hit Parade and the song “Sarah” gained 3rd place in the RSF Hitcharts. The internationally well-known harmonica player, Werner Blaas, also played a fantastic part in the cult song, “Der Junge mit der Mundharmonika” (The boy with the harmonica)

A very proud Jean Corvers was presented a specialist media prize on 23rd July, 2018. In the artist category “Schlager International” he was presented this wonderful prize by Showtreff International, Germany.

His first Gold Record was his own song, “Liebling glaube daran”, awarded to him in October 2019 by Lothar Schmitt LS-TV Musikproduktion Mannheim, as well as receiving the “Best Newcomer Award 2018” in December 2019.

His last Single “Herzschlag” (Heartbeat) gained 1st place at the SchlagerMagazin in Switzerland. Many “connoisseurs” as well as some “Professionals” whispered in Jean’s ear: “The song has a little bit of Matthias Reim in it, damn I love you.” Jean considers this a great compliment. “Herzschlag” truly comes from his own musical heart. And he is very proud of that!

After some preparation, Jean Corvers is now ready. He wants to let us listen because his musical heart is on fire and searching for us. He wants to touch our hearts and say Hello@YOU &i

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